Design your table

All of our tables are custom made. In our R&D Zone located in the center of our workshop, we begin to fulfill the desired tables of our customers. The tables are manufactured by professional woodworkers, handmade with care and attention to the little details.

Every table begins its creation on our master carpenter sketch table. Ofer, our in-house designer and third generation woodworker, takes the customer’s desires: dimensions, domestic space constraints, wood type and color, texture, paint, floor type, photos of the future location of the table, and other pertinent information (e.g. if the table is going to be located near a window, this information will be used to know how much UV shielding to implement in the lacquer to protect the table).

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The next steps are to divide the work between the experts; Danny Dresel is in charge of the parts for the extensions; Moshe Tzabar takes care of the rails inside the tables; Itzhak Ashkenazi, our master wood painter, together with his staff guarantee the best coloring process, to achieve your dream perfectly; Saar Modai is involved in the entire process and in all work stations as our quality control manager. Anat Bernhard, our supplier manager, examines every raw material down to the smallest degree, including the level of humidity of the wood that arrives in our workshop (we won’t accept wood or other raw materials that don’t conform to our standards); Sarit Strumtza manages customer relations, and will be here for you. The office staff and the manufacture teams are working to achieve your dream to your satisfaction.


As we have a lot of purchases from customers overseas, outside Israel we have a unique process that helps the customers be involved and keep updated with the creation of their extending table.

You can see how easy it is to extend our tables in our video clip.