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What are the measurements of the table when closed: Length, Width

What are the measurements of the table when open: Length, Width

What type of surface will the table be standing on? (Tiles, Marble, Hardwood, etc.)

Will the table be standing in sunlight (even for part of the day)? (Important information to be used in determining whether UV shielding will be added to the lacquer layer)

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By sea (approx. 1.5 months)By air (approx. 2 weeks)

Which one of the tables on our website did you like?

How would you like the table to be opened?

From one end onlyFrom both endsFrom the center onlyFrom the center and one end

What type of wood were you thinking of for your table?

OakMapleMahoganyAmerican walnutAfrican walnut

How bright would you like the gloss finish to be (100%=mirror), on a scale of 1% (matte) - 90% (glossy)?

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Dear Host/ess,

By scrolling through the website and deciding on one of the tables, you have reached the beginning of a magical process, during which you will take a central part in the design of your unique table. All questions are essential in understanding what you desire from your future table, and in collecting the most relevant data so that we can best create your unique table for you.

Please understand that there are no sizes on the website since a table can be made in any size you choose, with any hardwood you desire, in a variety of colors, openings and number of extensions – in short, tailor-made.

The table fulfillment team is waiting for your questionnaire.

Thank you for choosing true blue & white production.