About Us

Wishes Tree, founded in Israel in 1932, is a master carpentry atelier specializing in premium quality extending tables, custom made by a third generation master craftsman.  In our little boutique workshop you will find your desired extending table. Wishes Tree patents provide easy expansion or opening from a basic, “closed” state of the table to an enormous designed table, convenient and secure all without compromising style. We will match the product sizes to your requirements and we guarantee the best expanding table tailor made to your specifications.


Our six values:

Hebrew Work ‘Avoda Ivrit’ – all of our workers are Israelis that love woodworking, all of them are over the age of 45 and every quarter we have young and ideological workers come\ to learn our woodworking secrets. With this we support the Zionist Idea of local industry and continuing the building of our nation.

Innovation, Customization and Functionality – all of our products were created to supply the desires and needs of our customers (The Long Island was the answer to an Israeli veteran that lost his hand in war) and all of our extending tables are custom made according to the customer’s domestic space limitations, dimensions desired by the customer, and the customer’s wishes regarding wood type and color, texture, paint and a lot more.

Exclusive and Unique Product made just for you.

Warranty and Quality – the best expanding table.

Eco-friendly Wood (protecting the environment), we create and work with just the few raw materials needed for carpentry and we make sure no illegal logging timber enters our workshop by demanding correct documentation from all of our suppliers.

Contributing to the Community and the Environment, we plant a tree in the forest of Israel on behalf of each of our customers.

You come with a dream and we will create the best solution – your desired expanding table.

We are committed to achieving every desired table. By understanding your needs, knowing your domestic space constraints combined with our unique patents and creative thinking we will give you the best designed table, a “tailor-made” solution for you. Some years ago a customer told us, after receiving his expanding table, “Sometimes tables come true” and from that day on we have made this sentence our motto.