Our advantages

If you need an expanding table customized for you, with our patents answering your desires, constraints and in the finest quality, you have only one choice – Wishes Tree, sometimes tables come true.
It is not just the best quality, customized for you, it is also a statement – “I am proud of Israeli products, I support the Israeli industry”.


The advantages that turn a desired table into designed furniture inspired by your wishes are a persistent manufacturing process and an aspiration for a perfectly expanding table.
You will not find tables that extend as much as ours, guaranteed.

1. You choose the wood type

2. You choose the texture of the wood

3. You choose the table measurements

4. You decide how many people can be seated comfortably when the table is in its extended form.

5. Our expanding tables have patented safety features that secure the table and the stability of the extended parts.

6. We have special solutions for parquet floors, as well as wall-to-wall carpets or rugs.



7. Anti-scratch leg casing that prevents damages to floors.

8. Durability tests and quality checkups by our QA manager every phase of the process.

9. U.V. protection for tables that stand near windows or outdoors.

10. Best solid wood with documentations that make certain that the timber was grown for industrial purposes and not cut down illegally.

11. Proud Israeli products.

12. A donation to JNF – Jewish National Fund (KKL) for every customers.

You want the best quality, that fits your desires and hosting habits exactly, there is no other brand that will give you a better expanding table around the globe.