Square Table


Square Table


The Family Square received a certificate of excellence in the 2014 MAI Furniture Showcase from a judges’ panel comprised of local and international designers.
The Family Square is a Matrix upgrade. This table has two types of extensions: center extensions and patented hidden drawer extensions one on each end of the table. These extensions give the option to host an extra couple, two extra couples, or, when fully opened, 24 guests can sit comfortably around the table. The internal storage compartment holds up to eight extensions. The table legs are designed like a chalice, giving stability, strength, and unencumbered seating around them. When not in use, chairs can be pushed right up to the table legs, undisturbed.

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Opening options:

Two patented extensions from each end (50 cm / 19.68 in) and up to 8 extension from the center (50 cm / 19.68 in) of the table


Any measurement


Table tracks, Teflon discs, Safety locks, Anti- scratch lacquer, UV protective lacquer


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